Monumental taste, minimal waste

Our ice cream takes advantage of the wonderful produce grown right here in North East Victoria, so it makes sense to look after the local environment.

This is where our environmental science backgrounds really kick in! :)

Our Sorbets are made with whole, largely locally sourced fruit. As such, we spend many hours peeling, squeezing, de-seeding, chopping and juicing so that only the best bits are made into flavoursome Monumental sorbets. This process produces plenty of skin, rind, pulp and seed, which all ends up either being fed to Adam's grateful cows, or in his highly productive compost bin.

Our goals are to minimise the amount of post-consumer waste generated in store, and to improve all stages of the waste cycle. We use BioPak and Greenmark as our compostable and recyclable packaging for cups, tubs and spoons. They use sugarcane bagasse, Ingeo, a renewable plant-based plastic that is 100% derived from corn, not oil and  PLA bioplastic, which requires 68% fewer fossil fuel resources to produce than traditional plastic. Our spoons are made from natural wood, sourced with sustainable forestry practices, not to damage the environment.

All of our ice cream packaging is compostable, and will soon enter Albury's organic waste stream when this service is available for commercial collection. Until then, we ask our customers to put these items in the general rubbish bin. (Please!)

All of our take-home ice cream tubs are compostable and we encourage you to dispose of these either in your home compost bin, or the council's new green waste stream rather than general waste or recycling bins.

We believe happiness is a double scoop of your favourite flavour, and we know it tastes even better when it's an environmentally conscious choice as well.